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Health care is not only everyone's right, but everyone's responsibility. People are expected to take the lead in solving their own health problems. This website- www.drtowolawi.com is developed for people who want to do something about their health and the health of people around them. Simple information can prevent and treat most common health problems faster, cheaper and often better than the medical doctors can. Therefore medical knowledge should not be a guarded secret of the selected few, but should be shared by everyone. So through a more generous sharing of knowledge and through learning to use what is best in traditional healing, people everywhere will develop a kinder, more sensible approach to caring for their own health, and for each other.

Over 4,600 diseases exist in the human body. And over 100 traditional healing methods are available in providing solution to solve these problems. Everybody is having one disease/infection or the other. Only 1% of the world population can be said to be diseased free physically, mentally and spiritually according to World Health Organization. One of the major causes of diseases are sedentary life style with over 70% contribution from infections, alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, improper use of medicines, lack of proper nutrition, hygiene and exercise etc.

Problems with Modern Medicine

Modern medicine does not have all the answers to healthcare delivery problems. It has helped solve some problems, yet has led to the others, sometimes even bigger ones. Too much dependence on modern medicine has caused its overuse making people forget how to care for themselves.

And today in developed as well as developing countries, existing health care system are in a state of crisis. Often human needs are not being well met. There is too little fairness. Too much is in the hands of too few. For instance, instead of searching for cure, majority of the pharmaceutical industries with connivance of the western doctors indulge in wasteful research on disease treatment and management, surgery etc with government backing because of their huge tax contribution to the economy.

Why Use Traditional Medicine?

Traditional medicine is as old as man. Before the advent of science, traditional medicine from plant kingdom such as herbs, shrubs, bulbs, rhizome tree, runner creepers, fruits, seeds, barks, roots and aquatic/water materials as well as minerals and animal extracts were the only source for healthcare.

The practitioners hitherto used their individual sense of judgment in the formulation and administration of dosages. This un-coordinated practice coupled with undocumented evidence shroud in secrecy, witchcraft, sorcery and illiteracy retarded the advancement and importance of this mode of treatment.

Today herbal/natural medicine is no longer regarded as witchcraft, fetish and old fashioned and the practitioners as illiterates and unbelievers. Proper records and documentation of formulas, their medicinal properties, and curative potency is on the increase worldwide.

Many people expect the body to serve them well. They think healthy living comes by chance rather than planning. When disease and illness strikes they take solace in the miracle relief of western medicine that suppressed the symptoms to make them feel better temporarily with long standing reaction and costly damaging side effects. They don't know that traditional medicine heals the total being through the soul/life force, spirit/ sub-conscious and the body / somatic which forms the three elements of good health. When all these elements are balanced, the body will have optimum energy, a good sense of well being and the body's ability to heal itself without any known side effect.

Research findings have shown that many people have drifted away from wholesome natural foods and medicine that helps the body to achieve optimum health balance to processed foods and chemical drugs. They have sacrificed health for appetite lust for junks forgetting that the body uses only what it is given.

On this premise lies our commitment to change the way people think about healthcare by providing information and solution to avoid the burden that is created when health issues become a problem.

Our Mission

To change peoples' unplanned approach attitude to their health matters. Teach them the benefits of traditional medicine as a natural medium to complete wellness. Solve their problems and enhance their quality of life through the provision of information and high quality, non-toxic, safe and potent packaged remedies derived from natural herbs and botanical extracts presenting them in their natural form without chemical composition and additives which tend to upset their natural properties and balance.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading producers of herbal and healthcare products using international best practices and modern technology and contribute to Global healthcare delivery.