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This website page DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME REMEDIES is to help people meet most of their common health needs for and by themselves. But it does not have all the answers.

All over the world people use home remedies. In some places, the older or traditional ways of healing have been passed down from parents to children for thousands of years. Many home remedies have great value. Others have less. As some may be risky others may be harmful. Home remedies, like mordern medicines, must be used with caution

For many sicknesses, time-tested home remedies work as well as modern medicine - or even better. They are often cheaper and safer.

What Causes Sickness?
People from different ethnic groups or background have different ways of explaining what causes sickness. For instance, if a baby has diarrhoea - What is the cause?
1. The local people - may say it is because the parents did something wrong, a spirit or a god is angry.
2. A Social Scientist - may say it is because there is no good water system or sewage.
3. The Teacher - may say it is because of lack of education.
4. The Doctor - may say the child has infection.
People see the cause of sickness in terms of their own experience and point of view. Who then is right about the cause? Possibly everyone is right or partly right because sickness usually results from combination of causes. To make good use of this website page you will need some understanding of sicknesses and their causes. In this website page, sicknesses are discussed mostly according to the system and terms of modern and scientific methods of home remedies.

Sicknesses That Are Hard To Tell Apart:
Sometimes diseases may have different causes and require different treatment results in problems that look very much alike. Many sicknesses at first seem very similar. But if you ask the right questions and know what to look for, you can often learn information and see certain signs that will help tell you what illness a person has. For instance a child who slowly becomes thin and wasted, while his belly gets more and more swollen may have any or sereral of the following problems.
1. Malnutrition.
2. Round worm infection.
3. Advance tuberculosis.
4. severe urinary tract infection.
5. Liver or spleen problem.
6. Leukemia (cancer of the blood).
Whereas an older person with a big, open, slowly growing sore on the ankle could have:
1. Diabetes.
2. Leprosy.
3. Tuberculosis.
4. Advance syphilis.
5. Bone infection (osteomyelitis).
6. Bad circulation resulting from varicose vein or other causes.

This website page describes typical history and signs for many illnesses. But be careful. Diseases do not always show the sign described for them or the sign that will help tell you what illness a person has.

Work Within Your Limits:
It is easy to make mistakes. Never pretend to know something you do not. If you are not fairly sure what an illness is and how to treat it or if the illness is very serious - Get medical help fast, it may be an emergency.