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wwww.drtowolawi.com is the official website of Tajib Industries Limited, a wholly owned Nigerian Company Founded by Dr. Towolawi Ibikunle Tajudeen in 1989 and rgistered with the main objective of conducting research, formulation, administration, production and marketing of herbs and health products using indigenous herbal plants known for several centuries ago which is still being used, as remedies till today.

For 15 years these herbs were documented after regorous research, underwent formulation and compliants as stipulated by research laboratories which ensures their efficcy as comfirmed by our numerous customers

  Dr Towolawi Ibikunle Tajudeen
                CEO/Managing Director
In 2014, actual production of these formulations began. Clinical trials were conducted using our Outpatient Consulting Clinic-Named Dr Towolawi Natural Healthcare to ascertain their efficacy and customer feedback report. After 5years in 2011 precisely, the first set of products were registered and given approval for public consumption by the National Agency For Food And Drug Administration And Control(NAFDAC) of the Nigerian Government after official inspection and adherance using Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) with regulated standards which ensures good quality control.

All our products range is derived from herbal constituents and botanical extracts devoid of chemical composition and additives which tend to upset their natural properties and balance. It is our company's policy to present our products in their original natural taste using sophisticated technology which will enhance their proper digestion, absorption and assimilation into the blood stream faster than any other method of production process and product presentation. Hence 95% of our herbal formulations are in liquid form extracted with ethanol and presented in as low as 3% - 33% alcholic content with plan to present them later in galatin capsules for wider acceptance and best result.

Tajib Indutries Limited
We started with the development, formulation and sales of one product in Nigeria. Later we got Nafdac Approval for 5 products. Today Tajib Industries Limited has developrd over 40 other packaged and clinically tested Herbal and Health products awaiting NAFDAC registration. Still growing popular due to the potency of these products to solve numerous health problems, we have plan to sell in every country of the world very soon.