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Weak erection and quick ejaculation is one of the leading causes of male embarassment and frustration leading to breakup of many relationships and marriages. And your woman may cheat due to lack of sexual satisfation. I dont even need to tell you about the disadvantages of small penis. Don't despair. You can now have rock-hard erection faster and last longer in bed with great stamina and endurance to give your patner the desired multiple orgasm.

Put an end to the frustration with one dose of tried, tested and trusted, low-cost, safe and potent NAFDAC Approved Dr. Towolawi Herbal Liqour with 12% alcohol content or Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture made with honey for those who dont like or take alcohol. Both products work within 2 hours of taking it and remains active in your body for at least 24 hours.

Enjoy a safe and natural way of increasing the length and girth of your penis. No drug. No worry. No side-effect.

We hereby present 5 research based products to solve your problems.

Dr. Towolawi Herbal Liquor

Pack size: 750ml
NAFDAC No:A7-1023L
Price: ₦3,000/$8.50

Dr. Towolawi Herbal Liquor

Pack size: 375ml
NAFDAC No:A7-1023L
Price: ₦1,600/$5.00

Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture

Pack size: 200ml
NAFDAC No:A7-0956L
Price: ₦3,000/$8.50

Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture

Pack size: 100ml
NAFDAC No:A7-0956L
Price: ₦1,600/$5.00

BABA DUDU Alcoholic Bitters

with ginseng
NAFDAC No: 08-5803L
Price: Bulk purchase only on request

Weak Erection and Quick Ejaculation

What are the causes of weak erection and quick ejaculation?
Being strong and healthy with the ability to achieve strong penile erection and go more rounds and satisfy yourself and your woman is the wish of every man and every partner.

Erection problems and not being able to last as long as you used to are usually a result of two things-a weakened parasympathetic nervous function and insufficient hormones can add to your problem or be the sole cause. Neurotransmitters like serotonin and acetylcholine are essential in sending the electrical signal from the brain to your sexual organs.

Testosterone and nitric oxide are used to engorge penis tissue and stimulate sex drive. Not having enough of any of these chemicals basically means your brain is not getting the constant busy signal when it is calling your penis to have an erection. Both Dr. Towolawi herbal Liqour and Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture have all the characteristics to fulfil these functions.

What is Serotonin and Acetylcholine?

is a neurotransmitter also known as 5-Hydroxytryptamine or 5-HT found in the central nervous system and gastro intestinal tract. Neurotramsmitters are chemical messengers that carry signal from nerve cell to other cells in the body. Serotonin helps to regulate your mood, appetite, memory function, sleep and muscle contractions. if your serotonin levels are too low, you may feel depressed or anxious and have trouble sleeping and eating. Dr. Towolawi Herbal Liqour and Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture help raise serotonin levels and relieve symptoms of depression anxiety.

is a major neurotransmitter in the nervous system. It is required for memory, concentration and focus and also plays a role in muscle coordination. Acetycholine is not a components of food, instead it is built from choline. The more choline you eat the more acetycholine you can produce. Choline is in lecithin and phosphatidyl choline, which is found in egg, milk, organs meat and whole wheat products. Experts recommended 452mg a day for a woman and 550mg per day for men. Vegetable, fish, egg, peanuts, wheat germ etc are good source of choline. One would need a basket load of eggs, milk etc to meet average daily requirments which is beyond the reach of the individual.

Other causes of weak erection and quick ejaculation
  1. Sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococcus, UTI etc.
  2. Lack of exercise and proper nutrition.
  3. Decrease hormonal level with the aging process.
  4. Psychological problems i.e. anxiety, depression, stress of all types, fear of sex etc.
  5. Indulgence and sedentary lifestyles i.e. smoking, alcoholism, improper use of drugs etc.
  6. Health problems like parkinson diseases, hypertention, diabetes, liver and kidney problems.
  7. Drugs like antihypertensive, antidepressant, antidiabetic drugs etc.
  8. Other problems include systematic diseases like cancer, organ diseases and faliure etc.
  9. Endocrine disorder like low testosterone, thyroid problems.
  10. Postrate, bladder and bowel problems.